Fabric Quilt Designs

Jennifer Welsh
4th Grade
Fabric Quilt Designs

Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities
9.1.8.A. Know and use the elements principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities
9.1.8.C Identify and use comprehensive vocabulary within each of the arts forms
9.1.8.L. Identify, explain and analyze common themes, forms and techniques from works in the arts

Goal: To create a 14 x 20 inch fabric quilt pattern using recycled fabrics.

Students will be introduced the Gee’s Bend Quilts
Students will be introduced design and composition
Students will become familiar with the properties of fabric
Students will create a fabric design
Students will reflect on the Quilts of the Gee’s Bend
Students will reflect on their design and art processes

Participation in opening discussion
Produce a fabric quilt design
Participate in critique
Understand new vocabulary

Resource Materials/ Visual Aids:
The Gee’s Bend Book
Presentation board with Quilt images and the Patterns
Fabric of all sorts
14 x 20 inch canvases
Fabric Glue
Paint Brushes ( for glue )
Teacher Preparation:
Create Presentation Board
Cut out 14 x 20 inch Canvases
Collect and cut fabric into strips and square shapes
Create Examples
Create handout on Types of Patterns
Create handout of new vocabulary

To introduce the students to the lesson we will sit on the floor in a circle on a quilt. The presentation board will be discussed and the Gee’s Bend Book will be discussed, showing photographs and reading some passages. After discussing the Gee’s Bend and the different types of patterns a bag of fabric will be poured out in the middle of the circle. The students will have 5-8 min to pick out pieces of fabric they want. Then they will be directed to the table where their canvas will be laid out. They will start to cut shapes and make patterns. Once they have a desired pattern they will glue them down.


1. Cut up the fabric and play with designs. You must use one of the design patterns somewhere
througought the pattern.
2. Lay out all the fabric where you want them on top of the canvas
3. Use the paint brush to put glue on the canvas and lay the fabric on top

Make sure every piece of fabric is glued down good. Hang them on the wall for critique. Put all extra pieces of fabric away. Wash the paint brushes and throw out any excess glue.
Each student will pick a fabric quilt design and talk about why they like it. Make sure all the students have talked about each work. During the critique ask questions about the patterns and designs made.

For early finishers they can go online to this website : The Gee's Bend in Context
And do digital puzzles of the Gee’s Bend Quilts.

Time budget: 45min. Class
10 min. Introduction and demo
5 min. Pick out Fabric
20 min. Layout Design and Glue Down
5 min. Clean-up
5 min. Critique/Assessment

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