Wish You Where Here Lesson Plan

8th Grade
Digital Collage 

Brief History/ Background:
Collage is known as a Nonconformist Art.  It involves putting together various materials to create one image.  digital Collage involves taking digital images from photographs or the Internet and/or scanning images and arranging them on programs like photoShop. 

Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities 
9.1.8.A. Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities 

9.1.8.C.  Identify and use comprehensive vocabulary within each of the art forms 
9.1.8.L.  Identify, explain and analyze commons themes, forms and techniques from works in the arts 
National Educational Technology Standards 
1. Creativity and Innovations- Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. 
     a. Applying existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes. 
     b. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression. 
6. Technology Operations and Concepts- Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. 
     a.  Understand and use technology systems,
     b.  Select and use applications effectively and productively 
     d.  Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies. 

Goal: To create a digital images in Photoshop that is about their home. 

Students will be introduced to collage using the computer program Photoshop. 
Students will be introduced to digital photography and scanning images into the computer. 
Students will become familiar with Photoshop 
Students will create a digital collage 
Students will reflect on the process of using the computer as a means of making art. 

Participation in opening discussions
Produce a digital image about their home 
Participate in critique 
Understand new vocabulary

Resource Materials/Visual Aids: 
PowerPoint presentations of collages and examples of digital images 

Digital camera 
PhotoShop Software 

Teacher Preparation:
Create PowerPoint
Gather digital cameras and images
create handout on basic photoShop tools
create handout of new vocabulary

To introduce the students to the lessons a PowerPoint will be given on collage, on digital images, on scanning images, and on basic PhotoShop tools.  Demonstrations will be done on the basic tools, scanning images and unloading digital images.  we will have a discussion about ideas and ways to express where we live.  

1.  Open Photoshop.  Click on File and select New.  Make the width 10 inches and the height 8 inches.  (Be sure they are not in Pixels) 
2. Click on File and select Place.  Select an image from a file on the computer.  Each image placed will create a laywer, which will be seen in the toolbox to the left of the image. 
3.  Repeat step 2 as many times as you desire (no less than 6 images) 
     Move and change the sizes until the images are where you would like them to stay. 
4.  Go to Layer and select Flatten Image.  This gets ride of all the layers and makes it one image. 
For the rest of the assignment you must use these tools at least once however you desire. 
1. Quick Selection Tool (it's the little wand) Select a part of the image and copy and paste is somewhere else. 
2. Blue Tool (it's the raindrop shape) Just place the circle, any size you like wherever and click and hold down until desired
3. Dodge or Burn Tool (dodge tool looks like a lollipop and the burn tool looks like a little hand) Places the circle somewhere and hold down, the dodge toll will get lighter and the burn tool will get darker. 
4. Experiment!  With at least 2 different tools, also play with 1 Adjustment option (located on the top menu bar) Write down what you do to the image so we can talk about it in the critique! 
5. Go to File and click Save As.  Save with your last name and Wish. Ex. WelshWish.jpg. 
6.Print image 

Make sure all the images are saved gain.  Turn off the computers.  Hand up the images and get ready for the critique! 

Students will have a change to talk about their images first and explain how it talks about their home.  Peers will be asked to ask questions of how they did things.  the students will be teaching their peers about how they used PhotoShop. 

For early finishers they can play with making another collage on any subject.  if they want to do this they will be able to print them as well! 

Time Budget: Three 45-min Classes 
Day One 
15 min. Introduction
15 min. demonstrations 
10 min. Brainstorm ideas and begin assignment by making the new file.  
5   min.  Cleanup
Day Two
15 min.  Take digital images if needed and upload to computer
10 min.  Scan images into the computer 
15 min.   Work on assignments
5   min.  Clean up.  Save File! 
Day Three 
20 min. complete assignment
10 min.  Print images and clean up 
15 min.  Critique 


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