Inspiration for Designs

Jennifer Welsh
5th Grade
Inspirations for Designs

Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities
9.1.8.A. Know and use the elements principles of each art form to create works in the arts and humanities
9.1.8.C Identify and use comprehensive vocabulary within each of the arts forms
9.1.8.L. Identify, explain and analyze common themes, forms and techniques from works in the arts

Goal: To create an 8 X 10 inch collage using found objects based of a photograph.
Students will be introduced how the Gee’s Bend get inspiration for patterns
Students will be introduced design and composition
Students will be introduced to found object art
Students will be introduced to digital photography
Students will create a found object collage
Students will reflect on their collage
Students will reflect on their design and art processes

Participation in opening discussion
Produce an 8 x 10 inch collage
Participate in critique
Understand new vocabulary

Resource Materials/ Visual Aids:
The Gee’s Bend Book
Examples of found objects
Examples of finish project

Digital camera
Found objects (Ex. Scrap wood, recyclables, paper, fabric)
8 x 10 inch Masonite boards
Ticky Tacky Glue
Paint Brushes (for glue)

Teacher Preparation:
Create examples
Cut out 8 x 10 inch Masonite boards
Collect found objects
Print the student’s digital photographs
Create handout of new vocabulary

To introduce the students to the lesson we will sit on the floor in a circle on a quilt, like the first class session. We will look at the Gee’s Bend book at the photographs of inspiration for the women. We will talk about the close-up photographs and the abstract form they will make. We will get a demonstration on how to use the camera to take photographs of areas of the classroom that inspire designs. There will be a demonstration on how to glue the objects down to the Masonite board.


1. Find a close-up area of the classroom that you like, when you are ready raise your hand and
we will take the photograph.
2. Print the photograph.
3. Go through the found objects and recreate the photograph using them.
4. Glue down the objects to the Masonite board.
5. Clean up and we will have a critique of the work!

Clean up. Put all the glue brushes in the sink, throw away extra glue, and put all extra found objects back in the bag.

Each student will pick a collage that they found inspirational. The person whose was last talked about will chose one they find it is inspirational until everyone’s artwork is talked about.

Time budget: Two 45 min. Classes

Day One
15 min. Introduction & demonstrations
15 min. Find a place in the classroom to photograph
10 min. Free Drawing using markers, crayons, or pastels. The
Drawings must be related to quilt designs and the Gee’s Bend.
5 min. Clean-up

Day two (Photographs to be printed by the teacher before class)
5 min. Review of assignment and requirements, a demonstration again if needed
15 min. Pick out found objects and make arrange design on the board
10 min. Glue Objects in place
5 min. Clean-up
5 min. Critique

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