Discovering the Quilts of the Gee's Bend WebQuest!!!

Recommended Grades from 4th to 6th grade 

Three Part WebQuest- You will need groups of 3 people and a pen & paper.  

Part One- Learning about the Gee's Bend 

Like a detective you are to visit these two websites about the Gee's Bend: 
You are to gather as much information as you can, as a group, to write a small paragraph about the Gee's Bend. 
You should answer the following questions in your paragraph along with any other exciting things you learned about the Gee's Bend. 
1. Where is the Gee's Bend?
2. What is the Quilting Bee and when was it founded
3. What are some things the Quilters of the Gee's Bend and famous for? 
4. Who are some major artists of the Gee's Bend? 

Part Two- Exploring the Quilts 

CLICK on EXPLORE and CLICK on Quilts of the Gee's Bend Catalog
CLICK on View Quilts 

Choose Two Quilts that you, as a group, admire.  Double Click on the quilts you choose to make them larger and read the information about them.  Write 3 sentences about EACH quilt you chose.  Write the Title and Artist of the Quilt and why you admire it.  

Part Three- Presenting your findings to the Class
Gather all of the information you found and go over your paragraph about the Gee's Bend and your two small paragraphs about the quilts you chose.  Each person in your group will share one of your 3 findings to the class, so work as a team and figure out who is going to read what!!! 

For Extra  FUN !

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